very unusual Earthquakes happening

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

There have been very unusual Earthquakes happening, in some very strange places over the last month. But today, I noticed on the USGS map, some more very odd placed quakes. Look at the one in Alabama,

come on ppl im not the only one who is seeing this

New Jersey, sure has been getting their share of earthquakes in the last few days.

There were also quite a few of odd ones last month – the main thing I noticed during last months quakes, is the arc going across the bottom of the U.S.

Besides that, it seems the Caribbean area is being overlooked – in the amount of Earthquakes that have been happening down there, off Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

I looked at the history of the area – 8 years ago they had an average of 352 quakes a year, which it steadly climbed to over 900 in 2002 – which is the last year they have posted as a quanity per year.

So far in one month’s time they have already had 194 quakes – the average seems to have been around the 3.0M.


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