Red light’s in the sky…

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a lot of people have been seeing an odd red light in the night skys..

Two New York witnesses along the northeast shore of Lake Delta on April 6, 2010, watched a red light grow bigger into a rectangle shape as a bright yellow light moved out of it and into the night sky, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The light moved away, but later returned. They also witnessed several other odd lights that evening.

“We had just got our things in the car when we looked up toward the lake and saw another extremely bright white object between the edge of the lake where we were fishing (located right in front of us when looking toward the lake, and an island out in the lake approximately 1/2 way across the lake,” the reporting witness stated.

This object “floated right above the water and just stayed in place.”

Lake Delta is a resevoir in Oneida County, NY. Parts of the lake are in the towns of Western and Lee.

The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If New York MUFON State Director James Bouck, Jr. investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update.

NY, April 6, 2010 – Please see full description below. MUFON Case # 22679.

My boyfriend and I were fishing on the Northeast shore of Lake Delta,right by the little town of Western.. it has just become dark in the evening and then across from us up above the forest on the top of the hill across from us.. approx. 5 miles away we saw a red light just over the horizon; first we thought it was a cell tower light as it was red.. but then the light became bigger and bigger it looked like it was a rectangle sitting with the tallest part up and the corners at the top looks a little curved.

We watched it for approximately 5 minutes when all of a sudden a bright yellow light left the red object and moved toward the northeast across the sky… after a few minutes it was out of our sight and the object from which it came from seemed to get smaller and appeared to be a light blue in color..

at times it was hard to see after that and it appeared to be just above the trees at the top of the hill (horizon level)above the forest there.. to this point neither one of us had ever seen anything like this…

Bill my boyfriend has been hunting and fishing all of his life and has never seen anything like this he is 61 and I am 62 and have done a lot of camping until a few years ago and also I have never seen anything like this. ( note Griffiths Airforce Base is located approximately 10 miles south/south west of where we were fishing. We had been fishing for a while in the dark, we had a lantern on so we could see our fishing poles when all of a sudden this yellow object flying about 1 mile in the sky in front of us – never any noise (between the large hill where the red object was that we first saw and us) and continued going across the sky in front of us kind of zig zagging and moving in a south/south west direction

after a while it was 3/4 of the way down Lake Delta and we saw a smaller white light leave the yellow object and then fly away toward the south.

After that the yellow object continued in the direction of Lee, NY.. After another hour we were looking up on the hill across from us above the skyline and we could see the previously red object which was now a very light blue and getting a little bigger but not as big as it was when it was red.. the light remained there the whole time, a light blue, but we could barely see it, then it started getting a little bigger so we could see it better and when we looked up again after an hour a white like light left it and moved in the sky toward the northeast ..toward the end of the lake that we were fishing at; we noticed it for a short time and then it was out of sight.

Around 10:40 we decided to pack up our fishing gear and walk back to the car, which was located on the side of the road in back of where we were fishing…approximately 1 /10th of a mile.. We had just got our things in the car when we looked up toward the lake and saw another extremely bright white object between the edge of the lake where we were fishing (located right in front of us when looking toward the lake, and an island out in the lake approximately 1/2 way across the lake it floated right above the water and just stayed in place it was like the bright new lights that christmas ornaments now have the LTD lights and it looked like the lights were in the shapes of strobe lights, side by side kind of like looking at a shape like a brick wall but all uniform and line up like boxes all over it; it was like looking at a very bright white star close up.

All of this was a little shocking but when we saw the white light close up at the end, that was almost a little scary; it was like the object was checking us out after we left our fishing site… note we did have a lantern at the fishing site, so what ever it was would know we left the site on shore.

We think these things we saw were UFO’s. Bill told me to get in the car and lets go… I had a better view of the bright white object then he did.. I walked across the road where we were parked and I felt like something or someone was looking at us. Note the night was cool, there was a little fog starting over the lake when we left.. but no fog on the road when we drove home, we could see the stars the entire time we were there. Note everything that was at Patterson-Wright Airforce Base have been moved to the Griffiths Base in Rome, NY. WE do not know if this had anything to do with the Griffiths Base or if it was UFO’s… this is something we will never forget.


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