UTAH quake and volcanology

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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as an volcano thats laid dormant for more the 200 years rips huge ice caps into smell pieces ..the sun gets blacked out and air travel to a halt , one can not help but wonder what is the fate of this  plant, why are there so many Earthquakes in the strangest places, yellow stone has been hit with up to as many as 300 small quakes in one day..

we have seen strange blue lights coming from the shy…we saw what was told to be a huge meteor light up the nights shy, do we believe what we are told? are we to simply be sheep to the worlds herd?

how can our eyes be so closed to what is right in front of us?…as for the things we can not see, that does not mean there are not there, can we see air? yet we all breathe, can we see god? yet more of us believe…

there many things that our eyes can not focus upon, yet they are very real and very much a threat to us all…

Magnitude 4.9 – UTAH

2010 April 15 23:59:39 UTC


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