its all in the num3ers

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

all throwout history there has always  been Earthquakes there one of our plants natural disasters..
sure they happen from time to time and in some cases the same place more than once or twice..
but there has been an alarming rate of Earthquakes in the passed 7 years, they are taking place in Areas that they have never before, so called “safe places” these places we called safe are safe no longer..
what does all of this mean? i believe that our plant is changing before our eyes, at a rapid speed..

the HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer has been off the chart like so

this is not supposed to be taking place yet it is…
there is a passage in the bible and i know how ppl feel about the bible…however it says..
“Earthquakes would be in diverse places..”

seems this is now taking place…i have been studying geology for a few years now, i take a lot of notes and in them i have found something….most the Quakes have taken place in places that once had ancient names..
going from the biggest to the latest ones, “The Gate Of God” Where The Land Ends” and Land Of Gold” or “Land Of God” i found that to be most Interesting… also there is something about the number 2012 yes i know what you maybe thinking but it all gosl back to Numbers, there has been 12 great killer quakes..the great quake of Crete took place on jury 21st …chilie was populated in the year 12,000 bc can make 12 by 3’s and everything that has been going on you can find 2012 in its make-up..hey i don’t make the rules i just found them..
the 4.4 that hit CA was on the 16th the fallowing one took place on the 4th..16+4=20 and 16-4=12 need i say more?….maybe you haven’t noticed that quakes if your currently living under a rock, but maybe you have taken some notice of the weather patterns…Landslides, wild fires, heavy rains, floods…things are changing can you see?


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