Earthquake lights

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The early morning hours of August 28, 1973 should not have been memorable to anyone in Mexico City.
At 3:51 a.m., something happened deep under the earth…

Out on the street there were screams as occupants took to the streets, fleeing older structures that were known to be less than impervious to the rolling earth. Then everything stopped – there was silence but for the fearsome, roaring sound of what must have been a transformer shorting out in the darkness, echoing down the avenue. Within the apartments there were tears of relief and the knowledge that going back to sleep was virtually impossible at this point. In one of those buildings, a boy peered out of a curtain at the avenue, only to see strange red lights in the sky, dancing a secret dance over the heads of the crowd that had taken refuge right in the avenue’s median, where they felt they would be safe from any toppling structures.

In the early days of the UFO phenomenon, and even up to the present time among certain contactee circles, there was the moderately generalized belief that if UFOs were manifesting themselves during earthquakes or volcanic eruptions (such as the spectacular Deception Island eruption of 1965, resulting in a now-famous photo of an unknown object), it must be because alien scientists must be reconnoitering our planet and studying its geological processes as part of a survey of not only our world, but perhaps our entire solar system. On the other hand, were the same UFOs perhaps collecting as much information as they could before our planet destroyed itself or underwent a sudden transformation? Psychics and those who professed being in touch with the space brothers were quick to reassure a worried populace that there were entire armadas of UFOs on standby for an evacuation to a better place, and yes, there would be seats aboard the spaceships for everyone, even the family pets. There was even the more reasonable suggestion that the UFO mission was a preventive one, as they allegedly de-fused greater disasters

In later years, the matter of “lights seen after earthquakes” was addressed by the more reasonable Tectonic Strain Theory, involving the piezoelectric effect and energy released by the pressure of rock and static electricity. But the relationship between UFOs and disasters is still present in many minds. In January 2006, airline pilots of the TACA company, flying over the Pacific Ocean, reported a veritable wall of water—eighty kilometers long and between fifteen and twenty meters tall — heading inexorably toward the shores of Central America, specifically El Salvador and the Gulf of Fonseca, triggering understandable alarm among civilian and military authorities only a year after the Great Sumatra Earthquake. The tidal wave failed to materialize, but it coincided with the sightings of UFOs in Costa Rica and more specifically, the daytime sighting of a brilliant object on January 14, 2006 at noon over San José, that nation’s capital city…

Earthquake lights are a scientific phenomenon that modern scientists cannot seem to find any viable explanation for. Earthquake lights are flashes and glows that are seen accompanying seismic activity. Despite numerous eyewitness reports and photographs, scientists simply do not have enough data to explain these strange occurences.

Earthquake lights are most common and at their brightest during the earthquake itself but they have been spotted before and after an earthquake has occured. There is no set color to the lights, they are said to usually be white or blue but have also been seen in other color variations.

Earthquake lights are believed to have been first reported around 400 B.C. in Greek records. Because of their rarity, earthquake lights were considered a myth until photographs were recorded of the earthquake lights during an earthquake in Japan in 1966. There have been even more reports in recent years as these lights are now more known about. There were many eyewitness and video reports of lights prior to and throughout the 2007 earthquake in Peru. Other reported videos and sightings occurred right before the May, 2008 earthquake in China.

also there has been two more Earth Quakes

And this is what the

HAARP VHF Riometer looks like since those quakes…

i will be up-dating more soon….


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